JetPeel™ is a new device for cosmetic resurfacing of the facial skin.
It uses a new technology of a 2 phase stream that creates a jet composed of gas (oxygen) and microdroplets of fluid (saline) accelerated to supersonic velocities. This jet impacts the skin, causing gentle and accurate cosmetic peeling. Jet Peel exfoliates by painlessly removing the dead layer of the skin cells that negatively impact your skin’s natural healthy glow. It penetrates, rejuvenates and oxygenates your skin by infusing oxygen into the deep dermis to recharge and revitalise these cells, improving skin texture, tone and colour. It’s an all-natural air and water dermal infusion, a deep serum and solution penetration without needles.

wrinkle improvement - tissue toning - replumping - greater compactness - shrinking action - eliminates acne - soothing - brightening action - improves scars