Anti-aging facial treatment
The innovative Anti Âge cosmeceutical project created by Caveau Beautè is based on a perfect combination of innovative biotechnological techniques and skillful experience in skin care, giving birth to the evolution of cosmetics. This revolutionary and exclusive technology is based on a patented system called Caveina Technology System, which consists of double layer micro particles that exert an effective contrast action of the signs left by the spend of time. On the outer surface layer of these active nucleuses are sequences of “intelligent” amino acids that are able to identify, with the precision of a radar, the areas of depression of the skin automatically directing the individual units to areas that need an effective Anti Âge. At their destination, the intelligent micro particles spontaneously recall water from the surrounding tissues, increasing their initial volume by more than 4 times; therefore, a first, appreciable and immediate effect of plumping the wrinkle is exerted.

60 min. € 150