Elements is the latest highlight in the FANES world

It is a sauna with a cylindrical base suspended approx. 9 m above the ground, which rotates on itself and offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding Dolomites through a large window.

In analogy to the 5 elements of ancient traditions, earth, air, water, fire and ether, the choice of materials with which it was constructed was inspired by the 5 elements that make up nature: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water; and thus reflects the concept of a continuous and reciprocal interaction of these forces, thus guaranteeing the natural and balanced cycle of life.
The final geometric shape is that of a toroid, the expression of the energy field of every living form that feeds itself.
Elements and Garden
Sprinkling water on the hot stones of the sauna
The new Fanes-Spa
Sauna with a View on the Dolomites
Relax and enjoy a good cup of tee in the Fanes-Spa
The Inside of the Sauna
The sauna with the veranda seen from the outside
View from our Veranda
Sauna with a View
Finnish Sauna
Member of the sauna staff during an Aufguss
The sauna seen from below
Sauna and Pool in Winter
The sauna seen from the outside in a winter night
The illuminated Sauna
Sauna and Terrace by Night
The Changing Room of the Spa
Sauna - Hotel Fanes
The relaxing atmosphere of our spa
Relaxation Room with Armchairs
A Relaxation Room of the Spa
Varying designs and atmospheres

Saune and Relax Rooms

Here at the Hotel Fanes, we want you to relax to the full during your health and wellness holiday. We have created a number of “quiet” areas with varying designs and atmospheres so that you can find your own favourite spot to relax.
  • A variety of Relax-Zones in distinctive designs
  • Cosy relaxation room with open fireplace and heated water beds
  • Panorama-tranquillity veranda
  • Vitality corner with herbal teas and juice bar at your complete disposal
In the Sauna
Sauna and relax
Variety and size
The variety and size of our saunas is guaranteed to please!
  • Alm sauna in the garden
  • Pine sauna
  • Brine-bath grotto
  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Salt turkish bath
  • Sanarium
In the Sauna
Fanes Spa
Fanes SPA
for your vitality and beauty
If you too would like to dedicate your South Tyrol health and wellness holiday here at the Hotel Fanes to your vitality and beauty, then our Beauty and Wellness program is perfect for you. Massages, cosmetics, revitalising baths, compresses and packs – we will be happy to set up a personalised care program just for you.

So that we can meet your requests fully, please book your beauty and vitality package when you reserve your room or suite.
Fanes Spa